Why Choose Hypnosis?

Hypnotherapy can assist with any issue that involves psychological states. However, no matter how much you believe in the mind-body nexus or that the mind controls how the body works or that everything is influenced by a universal consciousness, hypnotherapy will not cure everything. Nobody ever got taller by wishing for it or got rid of baldness by affirmations. Hypnosis is not magic; it is about applying proven scientific procedures that change the basic structures of the mind.

The mind does affect the body. The way you behave can affect the way you think. The way you think can affect the way you feel, and the way you feel can affect your physical health. Many things afflict humanity, and there are several complementary routes to good health. There are medical solutions, behavioral solutions and psychological solutions.

Your first stop should always be to consult your regular medical professional. The vast majority of doctors are skilled and experienced in their work. Standard medical procedures and interventions are the best way of treating physical conditions. There is no doubt that modern pharmaceuticals do work. I am a hypnotist, but when I have a headache I take an aspirin. If I had a broken leg, I might try to distance myself from the pain with self-hypnosis , but my next stop would be the emergency room.

Behavioral processes also work. These can control unruly children, get rid of bad habits and encourage you into better modes of thinking. Just changing your behavior can directly influence your health. Simple behaviors like getting exercise and eating nourishing foods can have dramatic effects.

For some people their behavior is the problem, and they just cannot seem to control it. That is where hypnotherapy can help. Hypnotherapy deals with the psychology of behavior. Before there is a behavior there must be a thought. Control the thoughts and you can control the behavior. That is the aim of hypnotherapy. It gives you a better way of reacting to the world around you and giving you more choices so that you can behave differently in problem situations.

Before undertaking a course of therapy in any treatment style it is a good idea to clear it with your doctor first. Most doctors are supportive of hypnotherapy and understand its uses. You can show this document to your doctor if you want to raise the matter of alternative support services. If you want to, you can ask your doctor to call me to discuss what you want to work on. My name is Deborah Walker, M.Ed., C.Ht., and the number for Upper Valley Hypnosis is 603-276-3322. More information is available at www.uppervalleyhypnosis.com.

Hypnotherapy can be a valuable part of a balanced health program. If you think you might have some issue that needs to be addressed, give me a call. I look forward to meeting you.