“Since the inception of my awakening there have been several distinct light posts along my path that have exponentially guided my course for the better at a time that I had been stagnant or stuck. One of these way-showers was a hypnosis session from Deborah. She is a beautiful, generous soul and her method of hypnosis was so incredibly helpful, it allowed me to contact and communicate with my soul directly and receive higher guidance and bask in the peace of being in that space. Although many other methods I’ve learned over the years were helpful in preparing me to pick up this particular technique up with ease, trust my soul dialogue authenticity, and to be able to continue to use this on my own whenever needed (which is my favorite aspect).. it wasn’t until this particular hypnosis that literally has changed my life in ways I can’t even quantify, I can’t express enough gratitude and thanks. Highly recommend!”

Angi P.

“I had a very pleasant session with Deborah over Skype and was able to get confirmation of a question that I had. I also met up with someone very special to me during trance, he looked so peaceful and happy to see me.”

June T.

“Deborah Thank you SO much for sharing your energy with me last night, and guiding me through tapping into my higher self! It was an AMAZING experience. I slept like a baby for the first time in a LONG time – feeling relaxed and aware that I don’t have to WORRY. Thank you so much! I will definitely be spreading the word.”

Jaz W.

“I have never experienced such positive change in my life!”

“I visited this practice in hope of losing some weight. Well, besides starting to drop some pounds, I became lighter in a much different way as well. I am free of things that have weighed heavy on me for many years. There are not enough words to thank Deb for helping me. Her knowledge and gentle manner has made everything so easy. I was a bit skeptical at the beginning, but no more! Hypnotism is truly a way to heal.”

Andrea C.